Forest Partner Fund (Socio Bosque)

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Achievements 2021-2022

Currently, the FSB finances incentives to 43 collective partners belonging to peasant communities, indigenous peoples and nationalities. Additionally, through the contribution of the Northern Amazon-Socio Bosque Program, incentives are paid to three community partners. Similarly, to six other community partners through the REM-Ecuador Program. There are other local contributions from the private sector such as General Motors and Produbanco.

  • Preserves 10.7% of the surfaces covered with Ecuadorian native vegetation.
  • Indigenous nationalities are PSB beneficiaries, such as: Kichwa, Shuar, Cofán, Zápara, Siona, Chachi, Waorani, Andoa, Achuar, Awa and Shiwiar.
  • Approximately 197,052,071 tons of Forest carbon Stock.
  • 77 ecosystems from which 14 are not protected by the SNAP.
  • Conservation of 448 endemic species of flora and 82 species in CITES.
  • Improvement of indigenous governance systems.
  • Recovery of flora and fauna habitats and ecosystems.
  • Generation of livelihoods for thousands of people in rural areas.
  • It is necessary to generate an information update schedule.