Forest Partner Fund (Socio Bosque)

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The Ministry of the Environment, in alliance with the National Environmental Fund NEF, known today as Environmental and Sustainable Investment Fund ESIF (FIAS), established the implementation of the Forest Partner Special Contribution Fund FPSCF (FSF) through an agreement in 2012, within the framework of the emblematic intervention of the country, called Forest Partner Project FPP (PSB).

The FPF also has the patrimonial modality, through the Chachi-Cofán and Páramos Sub-account. The Chachi-Cofán sub-account is aimed at conservation projects and integral forest management in Chachi and Cofán communities. The fields of action of this equity sub-account are organizational strengthening, environmental education, control and surveillance, production and marketing of agroforestry products and tourism services. Funding for this patrimonial fund comes from International Conservation (IC).

The recent Paramos Sub-account was created in 2020 to support the conservation and communities of the paramo ecosystem. This initiative has the support of Produbanco.